Beautiful Legacy Portraits

It's about showing your family who came before them. It’s about capturing moments of time with your family and telling the next generation who you are. Showing your child who came before them is what A Legacy Portrait is about. Where they got the funny beautiful grin, the tilt of their head one way, the crazy colic in front.  Featuring you or a loved one will allow your next generation to know their history. It will be cherish for years to come. Mine is for sure of my grandparents. Life can get in the way, we are all so busy, I understand. Don't wait till it's too late, a Legacy portrait will live on for others to love and know you. Legacy Portraits are once in a lifetime portraits, for those who realize once in a lifetime happens once. 


Will you be the caretaker of a Legacy Portrait for the next generation?  Contact me and let's talk about what you have in mind. 517 627 2159. Find Out More Info