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Printed Photographic Art:

Image Projections is a full-service professional photography studio specializing in creating high quality printed wall art.   It’s the philosophy of the studio that most cases, only printed photographs will survive.   Genealogists predict that the most photographed generation ever will have the fewest number of surviving images in 50 years of any modern generation.

Image Projections uses professional standards for maximum longevity of its printed art.

Since any reproduction (scanning, copying or even photographing with your cell phone) of copyrighted printed art is a violation of federal copyright laws, Image Projections offers digital files in the following circumstances.

Things to remember about copyright provided by the Professional Photographers of America:

  • Copyright is a property right.
  • Just because you buy a print does not mean you have purchased the copyright.
  • Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.
  • Photographers have the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs (right to control the making of copies).
  • Unless you have permission from the photographer, you can’t copy, distribute (no scanning and sending them to others), publicly display (no putting them online), or create derivative works from photographs.
  • Professional photographers are dependent on their ability to control the reproduction of the photographs they create.
  • It affects their income and the livelihood of their families.
  • Even small levels of infringement—copying a photo without permission—can have a devastating impact on a photographer’s ability to make a living.
  • Copyright infringements—reproducing photos without permission—can result in civil and criminal penalties.

Securing permission to reproduce an image or share it online: 

If you wish to purchase the rights to use or share image online or print additional copies, you will need to contact Image Projections with specific details of your request.   Once the studio receives the details, an accurate cost quote/ invoice will be provided.   Once the invoice is paid, a written license agreement will be provided outlining exact terms of the usage.  A copy of this license should be maintained by you and provided to those doing the reproduction.   No reproduction, online usage or printing is permitted prior to payment being made.

The license agreement may be for a one-time use, a particular period of time, or an unlimited period depending on the agreement and cost.   In all circumstances, RonNichols.com and DBA Image Projections maintains copyright ownership.

In no cases will verbal permission EVER be given over the phone. 

What can you as a purchaser do with the printed images?

The printed art created can be enjoyed by your family for many years to come.

Can't I use the images on social media?

In some cases, when you purchase printed photographs, files for social media sharing may be included.  If they are included, the license agreement with usage terms will be included with your invoice.   In all cases, images will contain a watermark and/or logo on the file.   This CANNOT be removed or cropped out of the image.

For more details on U.S. Copyright Law, please visit this site.