Senior FAQ's

This may help answer some questions, but we're always happy to talk with you to make sure you're completely informed.  We never want our clients surprised other than by how great they look!

How do I know what to bring to my session?

Once your session is scheduled, we'll send you an email link to our electronic brochure "Getting Ready for your Photo Shoot".

Can my parents or friends come to my portrait shoot?

Absolutely!  We encourage parents to come and take part in the process.  We like Mom's to keep an extra eye on things like hair and bra straps.  You're welcome to bring a friend or two.  We can even do a buddy shot at no extra charge.  It's best if we keep the spectators to no more than three to minimized distractions.

What do I have to pay at the time of the session?

When you shedule your photo shoots, we'll have you pay a $100 deposit.  That amount will get credited to your account and go towards your shoots and final order. On the day of your session, no other payments are due.

Will Mom really see what is going on?

Because we use the latest technology and are a professional studio, we can do things others don't.   Mom can actually watch the images being taken right on an iPad we'll have set up in the camera room.

What do you do to my finished portraits?

Free enhancements. Every pose you order from comes with complete skin retouching. Zits are removed, lines softened, eyes enhanced to make them pop.

Minor stray hairs are removed (where possible) on request only, as are moles, scars, bruises, birthmarks, skin scratches, etc.

Extra-cost enhancements: Braces, glasses glare, peeling skin from sunburn, bra straps and other elements beyond our control can be removed for a fee determined by how much time it takes to complete. Be sure to ask if you have any questions.

What can't we fix?

Poor expressions, blowing hair, clothing you don't like.

Retake policy

If for any reason you would like more images taken to choose from, let us know at your viewing session. We would be happy to discuss what you would like to have done and schedule time to make more images to your liking.

When and how do I order my pictures?

At your session or before, we'll schedule a time for you, your parents and any others you'd like to invite for a special screening of your images in our presentation room. At that time, you'll be able to critically evaluate and compare poses and make your final selections.   We'll be able to show you how your images will look in our many products, framed and in actual wall sizes.  It's a lot of fun and you'll place your order right at that time.   It's important to have anyone who is involved in the decision making at that session.

You should plan on spending about 90 minutes. 

How will I know how images will look in my home?

We have state-of-the-art technology at Image Projections.   You'll be able to take a few images of the walls in your home (using your camera phone) and we'll show exactly how the images will be sized and framed on your walls.  It's really cool!

When can I pick up finished images?

The finished images will be ready in approximately four weeks after you place your order with your down payment. We will notify you as soon as they're ready, in the contact method you prefer; phone call, e-mail, or text message.

What about pictures for FaceBook?

We will provide for you a FaceBook image of your poses you order as wallets.  You'll get the best possible image quality with a good conscience, because you won't have to resort to illegal copying (see below).

FaceBook images are posted when your total order is paid in full.

Can I copy my photos?

No. All your images are copyrighted by Image Projections. Federal Law prohibits you from scanning them, taking pictures with them with your camera or cell phone or any other recording device. Even to put them on FaceBook. (We give you your FaceBook photos, see above). Or to make wallets for your friends. Violators will be found out, and they will be prosecuted, so please don't.

You chose us because you like what we do; copying always makes the photos look worse, which puts both you and us in a bad light. Thank you for respecting the copyright on your senior portraits.

What about images for the yearbook and if the local newspaper needs an photo from me?

Yearbook images are provided at no charge with your portrait order.  We send the image right to the school in time to meet the deadline.   If the local paper needs an image for the top senior pages or sports super-stars, we can send an electronic file right to the newspaper.  We don't charge any extra if your order is paid in full at the time.   We're proud of our seniors and want to celebrate their successes.

Do you offer graduation announcements, party invites and thank you notes?

We have a huge selection of graduation products.  With our unique viewing system, you'll be able to see how the portraits look in your announcement right when making your image selections.

Your portraits seem to cost more than having a friend or someone with a good camera taking them.  Why is that?

First, this is what we do and we are REALLY good at creating flattering images of people.  Both Ron and Carol have studied with some of the top photographers in the world.  They continue to learn and teach other professionals.  Yes, we have the best cameras, equipment, a fully equipped camera room and production facilities.   But those are only tools.  

A portrait is created with careful posing, great composition, light that accents the positives and shadows to diminish negatives.   The camera only records what the artist creates.  Creating great portraits takes years of training and experience.

Imagine buying the best digital recording device that can make a flawless recording. Just anyone singing will never create a Top 40 hit because they have a great recording device.  Like photography, it takes lots of talent and equipment is only a small part of it.

Real portraits, by real pros!