What to do next



The first step is learning about you, and your vision. We begin with a conversation to learn more about why you have the desire to commission a painting and who you wish to honor in the painting. It’s important to determine what story you want to tell in your painting, and who will be the subject. We often discuss where the finished painting will hang, and what emotions, feelings, and personalities you want embodied in the painting that you will see day after day.





The portrait sitting often takes place in the studio, but may take place at a location that is meaningful to you. With careful planning, we professionally photograph the subject’s authentic personality and capture the feeling that you hold in your original vision. The photographic capture allows us to have a likeness that will carry through to the finished painting. And unlike traditional painting methods, there are no long sittings or any need for multiple sittings. The sitting is relaxed, enjoyable and allows for natural expressions.




A few days later, we have an opportunity to review the source images captured in the sitting. Together, we choose the best single image, or pull the best elements from several images, in order to find the ideal reference image to use for the painting. The selection process is guided by the artist, often in taking place in the studio face to face, or occasionally through a virtual meeting over the phone and web conference. Clients agree that they love the expert guided selection process, working directly with the artist to compose the ideal reference image.





Once the reference image is chosen, work begins to create the painted portrait. There are two distinct stages to the painting process. First, using modern artist’s tools, an initial underpainting is created from the reference image with an electronic brush and tablet. This underpainting maps the overall composition and color, and is the key to carrying a person’s likeness through to the finished painting. Subsequently, the portrait underpainting is transferred to canvas and real oil paints are hand-applied to add color, depth and emotion to your commissioned painting. Once the oils have cured, a final glaze is applied to protect and enhance the finished painting.





With great anticipation, after a few months, we schedule a time to reveal and unveil your finished commissioned painting! Many clients cry tears of joy upon seeing their personal mixed media oil painting and can’t wait to take it home and share with their loved ones.


We accept a limited number of painting commissions each month. Please inquire to indicate your level of interest.